Economic Advisory Services

Economic strategy and Economic Impact Analysis

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies Future-proofing your decision, whether a government or a business is all about following and understanding the current trends and economic developments. Our economic advisory services provide you with in-depth understanding of the current market conditions, along with detailed risk assessment and management, as well as development of strategic plans of action. From the initial concept to post-production sustainability, Experts Consultancy remains your trusted partner and helps your business retain its competitive edge.

Other Advisory Services

Economic & Policy Advisory

Using an arsenal of best-in-class methods for objective formulation and output identification, we can successfully quantify the potential socio-economic impacts of projects on key regulatory policies and stakeholders. With this approach we can assess all the potential side impacts of policies, as well as their overall usefulness.

Economic Incentive programs

Our specialized economic incentive programs provide a start-to-finish solution, including developing the appropriate tools and models to guide the implementation phase. We bring deliver years of experience, helping private clients develop incentive programs that hit their objectives.

Infrastructure and PPP advisory to Private Sector bidders

Modelling & Forecasting

In a world where knowledge directly translates into power and revenues, our powerful models and forecasting services are an invaluable asset to the savvy business owner. Our specialist team can provide you with a full suite of economic forecasts, including both macro and sector-specific models. We employ advanced computable general equilibrium (CGE) modelling and state-of-the-art econometric analysis to provide you with high-performance, accurate models based on policies, projects, companies and products that might affect your business.

Cost Benefit analysis & Project Appraisal

Minimize your risks and realize your project’s full potential with specialized cost-benefit analysis and project appraisal services. Our Input and Output Modeling and Analysis provide you with an accurate forecast of the impacts of business decisions and key projects implementation. As part of our service, we will develop and deploy custom scenario and sensitivity analysis to provide you with insight into the impact of your business decision-making and how to optimize it to better meet your sustainability targets.