Infrastructure and PPP advisory to government entities

Expert Consultancy provides premier infrastructure and PPP advisory across all sectors, including transportation and social. Our efforts are focused on providing efficient bid and tender services and speedy deal realization with minimum risk. We take pride in our work and our PPP advisory services are designed to benefit both the public and private sectors, with the best interests of our clients in mind.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

To ensure the quality of our work, our advisory services include preliminary and detailed feasibility studies as part of our PPP and project advisory. The feasibility studies allow us to build a better understanding of the viability of a project through market sounding, financial analysis and model development. Once our clients are happy to move forward, we employ further feasibility research studies, where we can implement social impact analysis and risk assessment and modeling in order to fully assess the feasibility of your project and identify potential risks and opportunities.

Infrastructure and PPP advisory to Private Sector bidders

Financial modelling and project finance

Leveraging years of specialized expertise and cutting-edge tools, our advisors can accurately capture and translate commercial terms into powerful financial models. This ensures our clients can maintain excellent visibility into how viable their project is, as well as track and monitor sustainability. Our risk modeling solutions employ best-in-class techniques and comprise the basis of the development of all our tender documentation and contracts. In addition to this, with further research into diverse third party models, we can build an even more accurate picture of opportunities for potential optimization.

PPP tender documents development

Our experience in working as part of consortiums is an invaluable asset in developing procurement documents. By leveraging the specific and in-depth knowledge of some of the leading legal and technical experts, we can build procurement documentation for the public and the private sector, helping establish long-lasting connections throughout the concession duration. Our team can also help you manage and lead bid negotiations, as well as draft concession agreements and prepare requests for quotations (RFQs) and evaluation matrices.

Economic Advisory Services

PPP tender process management

Our focus at Experts Consultancy is to run a seamless and transparent process, where investors, banks, equity providers and governments are on the same page right from the start. We achieve this through leveraging years of best practices and lessons learned managing the requirements of various stakeholders. This allows us to create a transparent and healthy project finance environment, where the government procurement process can reach successful financial close without damaging and causing investor-fatigue to the competing consortiums.