Infrastructure and PPP advisory to Private Sector bidders

Entering into tenders for PPP projects can be quite the challenge. Our infrastructure and PPP advisory services for private sector bidders are specifically designed to support you and guide you through the process, helping you navigate the complex commercial and funding structures. We leverage specialised expertise, which is an essential asset in translating the PPP Request for Proposals (RFPs) into successful bids. By partnering with private sector bidders, we aspire to lay the foundations of decade-long partnerships between the government and the private sector.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

To ensure the quality of our work, our advisory services include preliminary and detailed feasibility studies as part of our PPP and project advisory. The feasibility studies allow us to build a better understanding of the viability of a project through market sounding, financial analysis and model development. Once our clients are happy to move forward, we employ further feasibility research studies, where we can implement social impact analysis and risk assessment and modeling in order to fully assess the feasibility of your project and identify potential risks and opportunities.

Economic Advisory Services

Bidding support

At Experts Consultancy we give our clients a leading edge over their competitors by helping them compile optimized and compliant bids. Additionally, we advise them throughout the clarification, amendment and negotiation processes until the bid is finalized and awarded. Our team works with you throughout both the pre- and post-bid and appointment stages, ensuring you have all the correct documentation to ensure a smooth process.

Fundraising & support on M&A deals across all sectors

Apart from managing the development of new projects, Experts Consultancy has the means and established networks to fully support you in the acquisition of existing infrastructure, real estate and other corporate entities. Our experts can advise you in selecting and employing appropriate fundraising strategies to support your business needs. Our goals have always been entwined with serving our clients to the very best of our abilities and our talented team is at your disposal to ensure any mergers and acquisitions go as disruption-free as possible.

Bidding pricing optimization

Our experts always make sure that our clients are fully aware of all the visible and hidden costs surrounding a PPP project transaction. Tender clauses are often hard to understand: our experience allows us to provide you with a clear translation of these terms into monetary values.