Public Sector Advisory

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

To ensure the quality of our work, our advisory services include preliminary and detailed feasibility studies as part of our PPP and project advisory. The feasibility studies allow us to build a better understanding of the viability of a project through market sounding, financial analysis and model development. Once our clients are happy to move forward, we employ further feasibility research studies, where we can implement social impact analysis and risk assessment and modeling in order to fully assess the feasibility of your project and identify potential risks and opportunities.

Financial Analysis of options

Our expert consultants will help the client business case for the project become more pliable by exploring the right set of options that not only add value but are also in sync with your main financial, economic and technical objectives. We empower our clients to make sound decisions by helping them determine the best options that meet the requisites.

Market Sounding

Want feedback from the private sector to gauge the feasibility of your potential PPP project? Test the market and take the leap towards competitive bidding using our specialized market sounding approach to measure the economic and financial viability and fundability in addition to the market appetite of your proposed project.

Financial Modelling

Experts Consultancy specializes in facilitating companies to maximize value addition by scrutinizing and evaluating the financial impact of their investment and strategic decisions through our sophisticated financial models and tools that utilize international best practices in project finance modeling principles and in line with the requirements of the international and multilateral entities such as world bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and development.

Risk Assessment & modeling

Our talented consultants work alongside our clients to help them quantify and evaluate risk and uncertainties in the face of the ever-changing economic and social climate. Acute insight coupled with novel approaches of modeling can help you improve performance by understanding the likelihood and potential costs of risks thus mitigate them early on.

Value for Money analysis

By performing a comprehensive evaluation of your proposed PPP through our effective Value For Money (VFM) analysis, we provide insightful information to help our clients make sound decisions on whether to procure the infrastructure in the traditional manner or through well thought of and selected PPP model. Our objective is to help the government decide the best way to allocate public and private risks in a way that foregoes associated undesired costs.

Shadow Bid development

Expert Consultancy’s multidisciplinary professionals help organizations identify budget, PPP capital projections, capital and operational funding, recognize key elements that underline viability and affordability to realize a successful PPP project through Shadow Bid Development.

Preparation of feasibility studies

Leverage our excellent market and industry experience in documentation to gauge the viability of a project from beginning to the finish line, utilising a full lifecycle modelling. We provide a detailed outline of the economic, social, financial, legal feasibility of the project along with risk factors followed by possible solutions to embrace and overcome complexities.

Social Impact analysis

Our ability to provide deep insight into complex business situations and their impact on society at large forms the crux of our value-added services. A subset of a much bigger Total Value Analysis, our meticulous social impact analysis assists our clients with the identification of risk mitigation factors to enable them to achieve an optimal trade-off.