Local Content Program

Client: Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (Ongoing)

Local content programs focus on adding value to the local economy through incentivizing local production of services, key materials, equipment, and goods related to various sectors of the economy. Countries, where oil and gas are prime national assets, view local content as a combination of related local services and production of local materials and goods used within the oil and gas industry; the growth of local content through the oil and gas industry carries a spillover effect onto the other sectors of the economy.

Our team of experts not only conceived the framework for the program but also took ownership of program implementation. The client’s primary objective of increasing the share of local goods and services procured by all the governmental departments across the targeted region is an ongoing process that is being realized through our continuous expert advisory support

The team conceptualized the criteria upon which the participating entities will be evaluated while simultaneously delivering multiple guidelines aimed at enlightening the targeted audience. The guide towards a precise and fair evaluation of the participants was drafted in the Agreed Upon Procedures. Throughout the program, our team analyzed the data gathered from the various delivered tools and inputs such as dashboards and various other forms of updated data gathering reports. Throughout the advising process, our team worked closely and rigorously with the client’s team to ensure their awareness on the project and to enhance their capability in performing the tasks at hand in line with the deliverables.