Public Sector Advisory

PPP tender documents development

Tender Documents

Use our expertise to move one step closer to awarding your PPP based infrastructure project to the most qualified contractor. Our consultants at Experts Consultancy use just the right skills and tools to streamline the procurement process for our client’s projects by rendering exhaustive support through an unparalleled blend of tender and bidding services. These include the development of standardized bidding documents such as concession agreement, RFQ, and RFP; scoping out financial and technical qualifications of the potential bidders; and using evaluation matrices and guidebooks to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of bids.

Other Advisory Services
Drafting PPP/concession agreements

To help our clients navigate the challenges of the PPP based infrastructure projects, our consultants draft a streamlined concession agreement that ensures that all the legal aspects and commercial technicalities are in place during the time the agreement is valid. The goal is to ensure that you get a simplified bidding process with lower transaction costs.

Preparation of RFQs and evaluation matrices

We lend our expertise to help government entities establish a fair bidding system in place for PPP based large infrastructure projects. We assist our clients in preparing an RFQ draft that involves narrowing down the list of potential bidders through evaluation thus qualifying the best-suited parties based on their technical and financial qualifications, and most importantly the objectives of the client.

Preparation of RFPs and evaluation guidebooks

The advisors at Experts Consultancy, on behalf of its clients, undertake the preparation of comprehensive communication to qualified bidders in the form of Request for Proposals (RFPs). The document serves to offer insight into the project by listing essentials such as project scope, expectations, commercial framework, capital requirement, and asset allocation. Our keen professionals are equipped with the right skills to fairly assist in the bid evaluation process based on evaluation guidelines predefined in the RFP.