Public Sector Advisory

PPP tender process management

PPP tender process management

Our focus at Experts Consultancy is to run a seamless and transparent process, where investors, banks, equity providers and governments are on the same page right from the start. We achieve this through leveraging years of best practices and lessons learned managing the requirements of various stakeholders. This allows us to create a transparent and healthy project finance environment, where the government procurement process can reach successful financial close without damaging and causing investor-fatigue to the competing consortiums.

Economic Advisory Services
Tender process support

We enable our clients to make well-informed decisions using our high-quality services in the domain of tendering. Our expert consultants ensure a smooth tender process through tender procedure evaluation, simplify the tender process, and develop tender documents for the selection of the most qualified contractor.

Managing the clarification and amendment process

Our team has considerable experience in guiding clients through the various stages of a tendering management process. Get clarification and amendment support to steer clear of announcing an inaccurate tender, pave the way to competitive and level field bidding, and thus ensure responses that are well thought out.

Award of Bid and closing support

We at Experts Consultancy are committed to achieving a successful outcome for our clients through a gamut of bid award and closing services. Our expertise lies in a fast-paced analysis of bids based on criteria, bidder’s qualifications, and strengths while ensuring our efforts at maintaining transparency are sustained through evidence.